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蜜蠟布 Beeswax Wrap


Creating online video and photos for promoting Beeswax Wrap, showcasing its flexibility and benefits, how it can help to reduce plastic waste. One more good habits for us to practise.


​為Yahoo!好集慣製作,介紹蜜蠟布的短片及相片。蜜蠟布可以代替保鮮紙,甚至膠袋,防腐防水,重覆使用,對環境無害。 新一年,加多一個好習慣,繼續為我們喜歡的地方,改變自己。

Video Director:Kin Yeung

Script Writer:   Lo Tsz Ying

Videographer: Kin Yeung

Decorator :       Nyma Yeung

Video Editor:   大揪

Voice Over:       Lo Tsz Ying

Photographer: Kin Yeung

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