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BetterMe Magazine 習慣發現


Providing online contents for betterme.magazine. 

We set a direction of ‘make discovering as a habit’. From discovering ourselves’ inner strengths, to discovering the hidden gems of the city. Through photos, words, illustrations, we have a bigger and deeper pictures of ourselves as well as the place we are living in. 

為「好集慣」 提供文章。我們以「習慣發現」為題,由自身出發,發現不同香港人的另一面,如何從發現開始改變自己;另外亦發現城市的變化,記低快消失的、發現被忽略的、被遺忘的一角;亦發現城市當中不可名狀的情感,發現一段段貌似陌生但親切的關係⋯⋯以文字帶領讀者去發現、感受身處的世界。

Chief Editor: Lo Lo 

Writers: Lo Lo, Kelly Law, Vivienne Chung

Illustrator and Graphic Designer: Quai Chan

Photographer: Kin Yeung

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